Fundamental keys of esoteric Science: the base

esoteric program ars magna

"(would be) a laudable work on restoring the old magic, the doctrine of savii, after it has been purged from the errors of IMPIETY and formed on solid foundations" Agrippa to Trithemius, episode I, 23.

These are our basic knowledge: you will find these arguments developed and applied by different points of view in all our activities and seminars/workshops organized during the year: read the program and join us on Facebook to stay up to date.

The structural foundations of the microcosm in the analysis of traditional Chinese medicine

  • Phylogeny of bodies: material from the embryo to the spiritual body.
  • Blood and Qi: structure and relationship between physical body and etheric.
  • Vital spirits: the Foundation material and energy of spiritual faculties: how the physiology of organs supports and influence emotions, imagination, memory, will, understanding.
  • From energy to Astral vision perception: differentiate and develop the experience of Qi ordinary, Special, Mystical channel Meridian.

The system of correspondences and the operational function of the symbols

  • The holistic and universal sympathy in Western and Eastern traditions Alchemy.
  • How and why do the yogic techniques/meditative/rituals: position, breathing, visualization, synesthesia.
  • Images without words and pictures into words: the symbolic structure of language and the language of symbols.
  • The need to rediscover, rebuild, and internalize the symbols to make them operationally effective in practice yogic meditation, esoteric-ritual.

The dynamics of States of consciousness

  • The vastness of unconscious mechanisms imponderable subliminal: the discovery that build our mental space.
  • Waking, sleeping, imagination, dream, view: energy, psychological, physiological differences.
  • Simultaneity and passages of State: reality and illusion of the subtle bodies.
  • From subtle worlds the physical body: how spiritual practice can shape the self, Astral image neuronal structure.

The conditions and prospects

  • Recognize, understand and overcome obstacles to the realization of the practice instinctive habits cultural mechanisms.
  • How to approach the practice: preparation-opening-exercise-closing-decantation.
  • Everything is one: integrating the practice in daily life.
  • The endless variations of illumination: the roots and the ultimate objectives of esoteric practice.



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